Pros and Cons of New IUL Policy Designs
Webinar on Recording

-If you think you know how IUL policies work and the designs of both old and new policies, you will reassess your knowledge after watching this incredible webinar.

-If you don't know a lot about how IUL policies work and would like to, there is no better webinar you can watch.

“I've been educating on IUL products for 20 years. I cover IUL in my book Retiring Without Risk (click here to download it for FREE in an e-format) better than any book in the marketplace. I’ve done my own share of webinars on IUL over the years. I can state with confidence that this is the best webinar on IUL I’ve been associated with and every insurance agent and financial planner should watch it.”

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD