The Best FIAs IMOs Won’t Tell You About
Why Haven't You Heard of this FIA?

-Because only a few IMOs in the industry can offer it.

-Because the IMO override is 50% less than almost all other products.

Why should you learn about this FIA?

-It has a stacking design that can potentially generate more income than the Allianz 222 or 360 product.

-The trail commission option pays a full 1% trail annually.

-It has a guaranteed income rider "exit" strategy (returns of fees if not used)!

-It has some of the highest cap rates in the industry (including a high participation rate option).

-It has some of the highest guaranteed roll up rates for the income rider.

-It is a flexible premium product!

Reasons not to learn about this FIA?

-None! If you are a fiduciary (and everyone selling FIAs in IRAs is), then you really must sign up to learn more.
Don’t be a sheep!

Don’t blindly follow an IMO’s product recommendation!